Gazing2sI am a music practitioner specialising in notated and electronic composition as well as clarinet, electric bass, and a few other instruments. I’m in my final year of a music degree at Newcastle University. I’ve provided this site as a way for you to hear my music and learn more about me and what I do.

My main interest and specialisation is in notated composition, although I am also active in other musical expressions such as electronic/electro-acoustic music and improvisation. My compositional intention at the moment is to create music that is at once evocative, entertaining, thought provoking and implicit of something beyond itself. I believe that music, while being primarily an enjoyable activity, also has the power to signify, in a temporal form, a slice of the eternal Creator God and I take this and my faith in Jesus as a reference point for all of my compositional activities. I view my job as a composer is, firstly, as a service to listeners through the enrichment that art provides, and secondly, to present my personal conception of beauty based on my own encounters with God.


Fragments is a recent work (2013) for solo alto and chamber orchestra:

It is titled ‘fragments’ after the poem it was based on, by Sarah Fordham, a poet I frequently work with, and the compositional style reflects this idea by using several fairly static elements that, rather than independently developing, develop by mixing with each other in increasingly complex ways. Take a moment to relax to the music!

Performance by Ensemble Briccialdi, sung by Giada Frasconi and conducted by Maestri.

Score: Fragments – Full Score


If you need to contact me about anything or would just like to chat or say hello, my email is james@jamesinsalaco.co.uk. Scores are available on request.

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